Calendar of activity days for the diploma "Master of Digital Radio Communications" (link)

7 May 2024 18:05

The diploma "Master of Digital Radio Communication" is issued by the organization "Russian Digital Amateur Radio Club" to radio amateurs who fulfill its conditions.

Below I have selected only the days of activity in which you can work FT4 or FT8 or JT9 (for the WSJTX and WSJTX_improved programs):

Unlike competitions, activity days involve radio communications over a long period of time - several days, which allows you to participate in them in your free time. The QSO format and exchange are the usual ones adopted in amateur radio communications (unlike contests and competitions, CQ TEST is not transmitted).

Despite the “measured” nature of QSOs, it is possible to receive diplomas for participating in them. For example, the Russian Digital Amateur Radio Club (www.rdrclub.ru) established a diploma "Master of Digital Radio Communications", to obtain which you need to participate in 5 days of activity out of 6 and at least three out of five CONTESTS AND COMPETITIONS.

No. Date and time Name of activity days Modes
from 00:00 UTC January 1 to 23:59 UTC January 10
"01-10" in January JT9 and others, see rules
from 00:00 UTC March 21 to 23:59 UTC March 31, 2024
"10 years of RCRC"
RCRC - Russian digital amateur radio club
FT4, FT8, JT9 and others, see rules
3. MAY
from 00:00 UTC May 1 to 23:59 UTC May 10
"01-10" in May FT8, FT4, JT65, JT9 and others, see rules
Held during:
May 1 - 9 memorial "Victory 79"
from 00:00 UTC Saturday 24 August to 23:59 UTC Sunday 25 August 2024
“You drive more slowly, you will go further” JT9 see rules
00:00 UTC Sunday 3 November to 23:59 UTC Monday 4 November
"Planet DIGIRADIO 2024" JT65, ROS, SIM31 see rules

Also, for the diploma you need to participate in 3 out of 5 digital radio communication competitions, which are listed on the diploma page "Master of Digital Radio Communication".

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